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TSA To Oversee Commercialisation Of Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex

  • Saturday, 12 March 2016 12:37
  • Written by 
– TSA to develop new commercial opportunities for National Stadium – New hospitality suites, branding opportunities to be available for corporate clients Total Sports Asia (TSA) has been appointed by Malaysia Stadium Corporation (PSM) to strategize and oversee the commercialization of Kuala Lumpur Sports City (KL Sports City), which will include the redeveloped Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex. TSA’s role is to develop new commercial opportunities including Name Rights to the KL Sports City and the individual Venues including the National Stadium and Putra Stadium‎. In addition, new hospitality suites and other licensing and branding opportunities will be available for corporate clients. Azman Fahmi Osman, CEO of PSM, stated: “PSM believes the partnership with TSA will help achieve PSM’s vision in regenerating Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex by increasing its commercial value and finding the right corporate partners to generate new revenue streams and becoming a model for other stadia in the country. We are delighted to welcome the TSA team on board and are confident that KL Sports City will provide performers and spectators with gold standard facilities and experiences and set new standards for the industry and country.” TSA Group CEO, Marcus Luer said, “We are very excited to work with PSM and MRCB on this prestigious project. The KL Sports City is the brain child of YB Khairy Jamaluddin, the Minister of Youth and Sports Malaysia, and it will usher in a new era of sports and entertainment in Malaysia. Our benchmarks are the best Sports-entertainment complexes in the world and Kuala Lumpur will finally have one to call its own. We will bring in best practices from around the world, from the O2 in London to the Staples Center in LA and will customize unique partnership opportunities for companies here in Malaysia. It’s a whole new way of thinking in terms of branding and customer engagement and potential partners will see the huge value of this project very quickly.” The ongoing redevelopment of the National Stadium – which is being carried out by Rukun Juang Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (MRCB) – is the first phase of development of KL Sports City, a vibrant sports hub that will be accessible not only to athletes but also the local community, recreational users and the general public. Phase 1 includes targeted works on Putra Stadium and the National Hockey Stadium that will improve integration to the current and existing public transportation links, and increase access across the site. Once completed, the redeveloped stadium will host the Southeast Asia Games in 2017. Phase 2 of KL Sports City, which will commence in early 2018, will create a fully-integrated sports hub, consisting of new, world-class infrastructure including elite sports training facilities, a Sports Rehabilitation Science Centre, a Youth Park, public sports facilities, a Sports Museum, Youth Hostel, Convention Centre, and a sports-focused retail mall.


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